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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bao, Linejudges and Umpire Defeat Lee!

Shameful, that is all I can say. Shameful.

China's Bao Chunlai wins his maiden Super Series title over Lee Chong Wei, but at what cost? China might have avoided an embarrassing tournament, but at what cost?

In an era that the Badminton World Federation is attempting to market badminton to the world, China's action is not only a threat to the integrity of the sport, but an insult to other professional players, previous tournament players, and badminton fans worldwide. Shame on you, China. Shame on you. Shame on you for bringing such a great sport into disrepute, into such dirty, filthy waters. Shame on you for killing any moral integrity the great sport of badminton had. I would say that the single, biggest threat to badminton nowadays is the despicable and selfish acts perpetrated by whoever that committed such a crime. Li Yongbo, if you think its honorable to win titles for your country through cheating, and if thats what national patriotism is for you, I would slap you. I am a Chinese, and you would have insulted me. You are a disgrace to badminton. Simply a disgrace.

I was prepared to overlook the fact that all linesmen and umpires were Chinese. I was prepared to overlook the fact that some of the close calls were suspiciously called in favor of Bao. However, what happened today, was an outrageous crime against international faith in the integrity of the sport.

The linesmen made a total of 8 calls that I would say was biased. Lee Chong Wei would never throw such a big fuss if the calls weren't THAT bad. I have never seen Lee act such drastically. Lee Chong Wei, the gentlemen that he is, continued to play on. I applaud him for that, but given that the person playing was me, I would have walked out of the court. Walk out of the bowels of hell, where evil crimes against the respect of the sport were committed again and again. First against the Koreans. Then against the Malaysians.

There you go China. 2 titles for you. Congratulations. Celebrate all you want. But we all know, the glory and fame you've got, its all fake. Its all dirty. Your prize money is dirty. Even if you give me your prize money, I would not accept it. I would spit on it. I spit on you, Li Yongbo, for threatening the integrity of the sport. You have no respect for the players, present or past. You are nothing but a scammer. A conman. There you go. 2 gold medals. Congratulations.

Bao. I pity you. You can jump all you want. Scream all you want, but you, unfortunately, will go down as the player that won because of cheating. You might not have known about the cheating, you might have genuinely outplayed Lee today, but your China Open 2007 title is tainted. Its dirty. And unfortunately, you were once one of my favorite players. Now I disrespect you. Blame your dear coach.

Shame on you China, shame on you.

PS: Please do sign my petition here: Petition to the BWF


Pijah said...

before yesterday, when they met each other in the final, i STILL can cheer for both of them. but somehow, yesterday, i couldn't really cheer for bao chunlai. i don't know why. everything in my mind went against him.
yes, same as me. bao was once my fav, but since yesterday, i don't know whether i can afford to like him, as much as i did before. haha :P

Victor Ching said...

pijah: same with me...

Lee said...

hmm... its easier to o against the player than the line judges... let it not cloud ure opinion abt BCL. he is good as a player as he is off court im sure. and he needs to do what he good at to win the championships. its the system that failed us:p just ponder on it...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the bad line calls undermine the entire game and also one's assessment of the players' performances. When one player is leading and loses his focus owing to bad line calls, the opponent's 'performance' from that point onwards does not reflect his real form. A player's form and performance in a match is relative to his/her opponent's performance. If his/her opponent does not lose focus and can execute smart game plan with good attacking and defending skills, the player's performance may not be as great. The fact that BCL started to pick up successive points after several bad line calls that affected LCW's concentration is not only unfair to LCW. It is also unfair to BCL, because it makes it impossible for one to judge the true performance and form of BCL. We cannot say that he was in smashing form or was performing superbly when LCW's loss of concentration does not allow the latter to perform well. Had LCW's performed well, BCL might or might not perform as well as what he did. So the fact that LCW has been prevented from performing his best in such an unfair manner makes any assessment of BCL's performance unjustified.

Victor Ching said...

lee: We'll never know whether Bao would have won fairly or not.

anonymous: agree