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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mew Choo Out

Unfortunately, Wong Mew Choo has been eliminated in the first round of the Hong Kong Open by rival Salakjit Ponsana of Thailand. Wong is tipped to meet Ponsana, sister of Men's Singles player Boonsak Ponsana, who won the Singapore Open, in the upcoming SEA Games. Fresh from her triumph in Guangzhou, where she claimed her maiden title, Wong most probably couldn't sustain the high level of play required and lost for the second time in a row to Ponsana, who beat Wong earlier in the Sudirman Cup.

Why then, didn't Wong withdraw from the tournament? A first round exit contributes about 2000 ranking points in the Olympic qualification race, which could be crucial in determining whether Wong gets to participate in the Olympics or not. This was a wise move by Wong, as appearing on court for perhaps 40 minutes could very well decide whether she gets to participate or not.

Hopefully Mew Choo can have a good rest and continue her winning ways.

All the best to her.


Victor Ching said...


leonardklh said...

nvm, i think that mew choo did a great job@! mayb this tournament is for her to rest!! and be alert again in the sea games!! who knows?

Victor Ching said...

leonardklh: Hopefully she wont succumb to Ponsana for the third straight time!