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Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Badminton Blog will becovering all major international tournaments in the form of commentaries and providing latest results in 2008.

First on our calendar is the 2008 Malaysian Open, due to be held from 15-20 January 2008 in the Putra Stadium near Bukit Jalil. Exclusive on the spot commentary, statistics, analysis and results will be provided.

We will then move to the Korean Open, due to be held one week after the Malaysian Open, from 22-27 January 2008. The same intense coverage will be given.

With no date announced yet for the prestigious All England Championships, the next tournament would be the Swiss Open, to be held from 12-16 Match 2008.

Of course, the highlight of the year will be the Thomas Cup and Olympics, the two milestones for every badminton player.

Stay tuned to the new The Badminton Blog for an exciting year ahead!

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