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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Choong Hann Continues to Wow the Badminton Community

Malaysian veteran player Wong Choong Hann today put on a solid performance to challenge world number 3 Bao Chunlai for a place in the Quarterfinals. In his 21-14 / 15-21 / 21-19 lost to the Chinese player that nearly lasted an hour, Wong can be fully proud of himself for putting up such a gallant and brave exhibition of badminton.

I urge all Malaysian players to emulate and take after the repeated delightful performances by Wong. Wong has displayed incredible fighting spirit to continue fighting and persevering against all odds. If all Malaysians learn to be like Wong, it leaves no doubt in my mind that Malaysia's prowess in badminton will surpass even China's.

Coming up next is the Thomas Cup. I will take this opportunity to highlight a peculiar and worrying selection by the BAM. Wong should be the second singles, not Hafiz. Wong should be the team leader. Wong should rightfully be honored by the BAM. Hafiz Hashim has failed to progress through round 2 of an international badminton tournament, and has a lower ranking than Wong. If this is politics in play, I urge the BAM to consider National Glory and Pride before personal gain or glory.

However, let us not take anything from Wong's performance today. I have once said the fighter is a true Malaysian hero, and I will say it again. Wong is and will be always a Malaysian hero in our hearts.

Good luck for the future, Wong

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

if wong can maintain his performance until thomas cup...m'sia team will be something to worry about for sure by china team....