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Saturday, January 19, 2008

There is Seriously Something Wrong With the BAM!

First it was Li Mao. Then it was Cheah Soon Kit. Now it is Rexy Manaiky. Are these top rated coaches just fussy, or is there something SERIOUSLY wrong with BAM?

Days ago, Li Mao came out and said that he quit BAM and joined the Korean Badminton Team because he did not like the jealousy existing between the Singles and Doubles contingent. He further claimed that "this does not exist in other countries". His departure left Malaysian number 1 Lee Chong Wei hanging and large affected his performance in 2007. Lee Chong Wei even contemplated quitting after Li left. Li Mao, a top rated coach that has produced many champions like Sun Jun surely knows what he is doing? Surely, he knows a bad, inefficient system when he sees one? Surely, unity between the Singles and Doubles departments are not that hard to achieve?

Next we had Cheah Soong Kit who quit the BAM and joined the KLRC. Why? Again, because BAM did not give him enough players to work with. Cheah has been attributed with the success of the Women's Doubles players Chin Eei Hui and Wong Pei Tty. Again, a top rated coach, sidelined and ignored by the administration. Again, who's fault is this?

Now it is Rexy. Apparent because of all the stress. This can again, be attributed to the BAM. After Cheah resigned, Rexy was put in charge of all the Doubles departments. This must have somehow affected the Olympic Champion to resign. Is the BAM not aware that Rexy was under big pressure BEFORE he was put in charge of the whole doubles department? Couldn't another coach take Cheah's place? Couldn't the BAM be more considerate and understand Rexy's workload?

BAM should seriously reconsider its position. Top rated players that have no good coaches will go nowhere. Stop asking Rexy to change and change yourself. It not 1, not 2, but 3 world class coaches that have rejected the BAM. Wake up. Take some changes before it is too late!

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