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Monday, January 28, 2008

Video of Lin Dan's Outburst

For all you hot headed readers who want to find out and watch what really happened:

All credit to elderplayer from the Badminton Central forums for the video.

As you can see, the Korean adjudication system was, like in China Open 2007, to blame. However, the difference this time is that Lin Dan shouted, shoved, and threw his racquet. Lee Chong Wei did not. Li Mao scream and shrieked from the sidelines. Misbun did not.

For pictures of the incident go to Badminton Loonsport.


Anonymous said...

i'm a supporter of lee chong wei but wht happened jus wasnt right. imagione wht taufik would have done in the same situation. mahai

Charlie said...

This is a bad and crucial call, which is totally different from China Open. Dan should've better control his temper, but again, we know what Koreans line judges would do. This happened for too many times--88' Olympic, 02' world cup, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...
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