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Monday, February 25, 2008

Thomas Cup 2008 Results

For all who missed the action on Sunday:

Malaysia were winners in the Thomas Cup Preliminary Finals, but were losers psychologically, as Korea fielded a considerably weaker team:

Lee Chong Wei vs. Shon Seung Mo
Lee easily won 21-8 21-11 in 25 minutes

Koo Kien Kiet/Tan Boon Heong vs. Lee Jae Jin/Jung Jae Sung
Koo and Tan lost 16-21 21-17 29-21, surprisingly to the lower rated Korean pair. This does not augur well for Malaysia's top pair for the Thomas Cup Finals and the All England.

Wong Choong Hann vs. Lee Cheol Ho
Wong easily brushed away the young Lee 21-6 21-17

Abdul Latif/Mohd. Tazari vs. Hwang Ji Man/Park Sung Hwan
Although Park Sung Hwan is not a doubles player, the usually strong Malaysian doubles players were challenged and lost 21-19 21-18.

Hafiz Hashim vs. Lee Yong Dae
If Hafiz lost, it would have looked extremely embarrassing. Lee Yong Dae is a doubles player! He won 21-17 21-10.

In the end, Malaysia's singles players unusually delivered the winning points... All matches lasted less than 32 minutes. Malaysia has to buck up!

Stay tuned for more news on the Thomas Cup and the upcoming All England.


Lee KW said...

i am again perplexed at our malaysian players. one fine day, they are virtually unbeatable, but on another, they seem like minnows.

i cant understand at all. why are we performing in such a way when the coaches say our players are at their peak and performing very well.

i nearly agreed with them till the finals of the thomas cup prelims. yes, u can say they were performing very well the whole week through, but whats the point when u cant even beat a scratch pair.

it takes just one match i.e. finals to win All England, Olympics, and if u cant deliver, u dont win the title.

whats most disgraceful is our world beaters lost in such embarassing manner.

Lee KW said...

it was such a heartbreaker...

Anonymous said...

A bunch of hopeless.So much money spend on them and play like school boys and still so proud of themselves. The way they play, we can kiss good bye on our chance of winning the Thomas-cup

exalted said...

Is there any way to view Hafiz vs Lee Yong Dae? As a LYD fan, I would be quite amused seeing a singles game played by him!