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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Swiss Open Finals Predictions

Xie Xingfang vs. Zhang Ning
Finally a world number 1 vs. world number 2 match since last year's China Masters. Both have been unimpressive lately, but it is still enough to claim the title before it is even played. I believe Xie Xingfang will be the victor today, as her speed seems to have recovered. Xie in 3 tight sets.

Lin Dan vs. Lee Chong Wei
The match of the day. Lin Dan, the world number 1, takes on Lee Chong Wei, the world number 2. Lee Chong Wei has made huge improvements lately, and is inching closer and closer to Lin Dan's number 1 spot. Lin Dan, after his shock defeat in the hands of Lee Hyun Il in the Korean Open, and to Chen Jin in the All England (although not so 'shocking' if you asked Li Yongbo) will be raring to claim his first title of the year. Lee on the other hand, would want to avenge his defeat in the hands of Lin during last year's Hong Kong Open. Tricky to predict who would prevail, but I would say Lee Chong Wei in 2 sets.

Lee Yong Dae/Jung Jae Sung vs. Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan
This is a rematch of the World Championships last year. That time, the Indonesians were no match for Lee and Jung. However, this time, Lee and Jung are newly crowned All England Champions. Can they emulate Koo and Tan's feat last year by winning back the back titles? I think not. Markis and Hendra, after surviving a tough encounter yesterday, seem to recovered their form. Markis and Hendra in 2 sets.

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