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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


LIVE COMMENTARY (Most recent post displayed first)

Join us later tonight for the Uber Cup live commentary at 8pm Malaysian time!

Choong Hann beats Tago 21-13 21-18.

7-6 to the Japanese youngster.


Leveled 2-2.

Tago leads 2-1 in second game.

Choong Hann takes first game at 21-13.

Matchpoint to Choong Hann at 20-11.


Make that 17-9.

Choong Hann looks to wrap up the first game. 16-9.

Choong Hann races to a 14-9 lead.


Choong Hann leads 11-9 at first mid game interval.

Choong Hann has to be careful of Tago. Very young and aggressive. Just like Taufik when he was younger... Some call him the 'little Taufik.' Choong Hann leads 9-5.

Choong Hann races to 7-4.


Choong Hann snatches back the lead. 3-2.

2-1 to Tago.

Japan up 2-0.

Next up Wong Choong Hann vs. Kenichi Tago.

Koo Kien Keat and Choong Tan Fook win 21-13 21-11 to bring Malaysia 2-0 up against Japan.

Matchpoint 20-10.

17-9. A fightback from the Japanese is unlikely.


16-8. Just 5 more points now.

15-8 to Malaysians.

We lead 14-8. Will probably wrap it up. Next match Wong Choong Hann vs. Japanese youngster Kenichi Tago.

Malaysians lead 13-8.

We lead 11-5 during the second game interval.

Malaysians continue their dominance. 8-4.

Leading 6-3.

Malaysians lead 5-1

Make that 4-0

We lead 3-0.

Malaysian take first point in the second set.

Malaysians take first set 21-13.

Tan Fook and Wan Wah have an inability to close up a game. I think this is important in the splitting of the pairings too. Malaysians leading 19-13.

17-13. Should be able to wrap this set up.

Leading 16-12

In addition, I think it is because Tan Fook/Wan Wah's game are becoming too predictable. I also think Tan Fook/Wan Wah's lost to the Koreans on Sunday warranted a switch.

Leading 15-11.

I think the Malaysian team split the doubles pairings to confuse China tomorrow... Good move!

Malaysian pair leading 13-9.

Full lineup:
Lee Chong Wei
Wong Choong Hann
Hafiz Hashim
Kien Keat/Tan Fook
Boon Heong/Zakry
Notice the doubles are split.

Kien Keat/Tan Fook leading 11-8 at interval.

Just noticed the surprise combination. Choong Tan Fook/Koo Kien Keat vs. Ikeda/Sakamoto as MD1. Currently leading 9-8.

Lee Chong Wei has won his game against Shoji Sato 21-10 21-16.


Boo said...

Finally, ur live commentary comes.. Hav been waiting for about an hour.. anyway, thanx.. n glad tat Mas is leading by now..

Boo said...

MALAYSIA BOLEH.. Malaysia wins 3-0.. YEAH!!

bob said...

Thanks guys for the live commentary, unable to watch live... busy at work. keep it up. so Malaysia won ya!!! Good

KHB said...

syabas malaysia, cheers!