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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thomas and Uber Cup DAY 3 PREDICTIONS

The playoffs begin!


Malaysia vs. Japan
Japan is seeded higher than Malaysia, rightfully so. For Malaysia to win this tie, it is imperative that Malaysia wins WS1 and WD1. Malaysia then has to find one other win from the other ties, which will prove to be hard. Japan holds the upper hand, but I hope for an upset.

New Zealand vs. Netherlands
Netherlands clearly holds the upper hand here. With Yao Jie and Judith, they are one of the more powerful second tier teams.


Japan vs. Germany
Japan holds the upper hand here, but Zwiebler and the two MD pairs can potentially upset Japan. However, I still think Japan should win convincingly at 5-0.

New Zealand vs. Thailand
Thailand holds the upper hand. Don't see how the Kiwis are going to win.

Korea vs. Canada
Korea clearly going to win. They have been rewarded with an easy draw for their tricks.

A more exciting day beckons tomorrow!

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