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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thomas and Uber Cup Predictions Day 1

Very hasty predictions made one hour before the matches start :).

Thomas Cup

Group D : Germany vs Thailand (court 1)
Thailand to win MS1, MS2 while Germany to win MS3 and MD1. Swing match is MD2. Very hard to make predictions lah... I don't know who is playing who.

Group A : China vs Nigeria (court 2)
Poor Nigeria. China to field C team and win 5:0. Expect Cai Yun to play singles ;).

Group C : Denmark vs New Zealand (court 1)
Denmark clear favorites, but they don't have depth. New Zealand can try to pull off a tie, but Denmark to win either 5-0 or 4-1.

Group B : Malaysia vs England (court 2)
Malaysia most probably will win 5:0. Will not field full team.

Group A : Canada vs Nigeria (court 1)
Why must Nigeria be punished twice in a day? 5-0 to Canada.

Group D : Indonesia vs Thailand (court 2)
Interesting... Indonesia probably will win, either 5-0 or 4-1. Depends if Boonsak can beat Sony or Taufik.

Uber Cup

Group W : China vs USA (court 3)
China to field B team and win 5-0.

Group Y : Malaysia vs New Zealand (court 4)
Malaysia to win 5-0. Unless the lower ties can pull off a win, but impossible for New Zealand to win the whole tie.

Group Z : Japan vs Netherlands (court 2)
Since Mia Audina is gone, the match will be more balanced. Japan to snitch it 3-2.

Group X : South Korea vs South Africa (court 4)
South Korea to win 5-0, no question. Might field B team. African teams are becoming the whipping boys of badminton... :(

Group Y : Denmark vs New Zealand (court 3)
Denmark to win 5-0.

Group W : Germany vs USA (court 4)
Germany to win, but by 5-0 or 4-1.

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