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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 2 Predictions 10/8/08

Heres my predictions for day 2! The full draw is not out yet though, so this is as far as I can go!

Salakjit Ponsana vs. Zhang Ning

I distinctively remember them meeting each other before in the past year. Zhang Ning, defending her title here, is obviously the hot favorite in this match up. Although she hasn't been in the best of forms for the past year, she is still the Zhang Ning, and Ponsana is still regarded as a dark horse at best. Zhang to prevail in 2 sets, unless Ponsana is able to exploit her early tournament stiffness, I don't see what more Ponsana can do.

Zhang Jiewen/Yang Wei vs. Vita Marrissa/Flandy Limpele
This might well be the match of the day. The last time they met was the Uber Cup Grand Final, where they played an exhillirating match in front of an electrical Senayan crowd, in what many call the match of the tournament in the heartland of badminton. The Chinese managed to just nick a win the last time, if my memory doesn't fool me, by the very thinnest of margins. This time the tables are turned: instead of Senayan, we are now in China. As to who would win, it is extremely hard to predict, but I have to go with China, as I have an immense respect for Zhang and Yang, the reigning World Champions and World Number 1s. But it will be tight, extremely tight, and I wouldn't actually be surprised if the Indonesians actually manage to upset them.

Lee Hyo Jung/Lee Kyung Won vs. Chin Eei Hui/Wong Pei Tty
This is another one of the Women's Doubles match to watch. The Koreans have been extremely impressive of late, beating the aforementioned Zhang and Yang just recently in the Uber Cup semifinals. Chin and Wong on the other hand, are anything but a pushover. They recently managed to stretch the, again, aforementioned Zhang and Yang to three sets in the Thailand Open finals. My heart tells me Chin and Wong, but my brain says the two Lees. Unless Chin and Wong are able to stand up and play at a higher level, I don't see how they can win. Lee and Lee in 3 sets.

Wong Mew Choo vs. Karen Foo Kune
This little known African shuttler, putting it crudely, stands no chance against the Malaysian player. Wong should usethis as a good warmup session, and prepare for bigger and better opponents.

Gail Ems/Donna Kellog vs. Zhang Yawen/Wei Yili
Oh my gosh! What on earth has happened with the WD draw? So many yummy yummy, yummy first round draws! The English pairs have always managed to trouble the Chinese girls, and Zhang and Wei have drawn an extremely lousy first round opponent. Zhang and Wei should survive this encounter, but expect a tough fight from the English opponents.

He Hanbin/Yu Yang vs. Ha Jung Eun/Kim Ming Jun
What is it with the draw! Another toughie for a Chinese! However, in relation to ther other opponents their teammates are facing, Ha and Kim are relatively easier. They should be able to pull through, unless Ha and Kim have improved significantly since I've last seen them.

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