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Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 3 Predictions 11/8/08

With two hours to go before the games start, here are the predictions

Ronald Susilo vs. Lee Chong Wei
This is easily one of the most anticipated matches of the day, and it occurs right in the morning. Ronald was the one that beat Lin Dan in the first round last year, and expectations are high on him. However, the great Lee Chong Wei is anything but easy, and many view him as the favorites for this tournament. Unless Lee has a breakdown like Lin or Ronald suddenly becomes a superman, I don't see how he can repeat his 2004 Athens feat.

Eriko Hirose vs. Pi Hongyan
This will be a very interesting matchup. Both Pi and Eriko were ruthless in their matches yesterday, but I was especially impressed with Pi's performance. I think she should win today's match.

Lee Hyun Il vs. Kenneth Jonassen
Another very highly anticipated match of the day. Hyun Il has been on and off lately, while Kenneth is here fresh from winning the European Championships. I think Kenneth holds the slight upper hand in this battle, but this is all it is, a slight upper hand. I wouldn't even call it an upset if Lee were to beat Kenneth.

Jun Jae Youn vs. Zhang Ning
Jun has been extremely impressive of late, while Zhang has been somewhat inconsistant. However, Zhang Ning is, after defending her title here. From yesterday's performance, I am not sure about Zhang's condition. She seemed sluggish and slow to start (slow even by Zhang's standards). Jun on ther other hand has been extremely impressive, although she has been absent from many tournaments. Jun to win in 3.

Maria Kristin Yulianti vs. Tine Rasmussen
Maria was impressive on Saturday, but what she is up against today is one of the main medal contenders for the title. I expect Tine to breeze through, but expect Maria to put on a fight. Tine to win in 2 sets, 3 if Maria can find a way to stem the attacking play of Tine.

Boonsak Ponsana vs. Sony Dwi Kuncoro
Another yummy matchup. Both are highly revered players, and this is a repeat of the bronze medal match in Athens 4 years ago. That time Sony won, but this time, I expect the match to be very much closer. It will definitely go to three sets, and I think Sony will prevail slightly in the end.

Wong Mew Choo vs. Petya Nedelcheva
After yesterday's respective destruction of their opponents, both players appear to be in top condition. If both players are playing at their best, I expect Wong to pull through easily.

Taufik Hidayat vs. Wong Choong Hann
It was Taufik that ended Wong's hopes in Sydney 8 years ago. Can Wong take revenge? It will be hard, with the defending champion's skill. However, I can't say that I have been impressed with Taufik of late. If the veteran Wong wants to strike, now will be the perfect time. As in who will win, I think Taufik will, in a significantly tighter match compared to 8 years ago.

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