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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 6 Predictions 14/8/08

After the almost complete anhillation of the Malaysian team, Lee Chong Wei is left as the sole survivor. Again.

Sony Dwi Kuncoro vs. Lee Chong Wei
In ranking terms, Chong Wei is the overwhelming favorite in this match. Head to head terms favor Sony. In my terms, I believe Lee will win, as he is in a simmillar position, again, where he is the sole survivor of the Malaysian team and is forced to carry the burden of the Malaysian team. He is used to this pressure, and should be able to beat Sony in 2 sets, 3 if neccesary.

Lee Hyun Il vs. Bao Chunlai
A rematch of the Thomas Cup finals three months ago. There, Lee was tamely defeated by Bao. I believe this will be no different. Lee is good, but he is not better than Bao. Bao on the other hand (for once I will not make fun of his lady friends... err... fans) has been impressive as usual, except for the slightly troubled opening match against Kevin Cordon of Guatemala. Bao should be able to wrap it up in 2 sets, but if it goes to 3 sets, I would say they are both evenly matched.

Lin Dan vs. Peter Gade
A very interesting match. On paper, Lin Dan is the absolute favorite to win this match. And I agree, in any other circumstance, no one would have any question who would win. However, this is the Olympics, and the Olympics have been known to produce weird and unpredictable results. Peter can use the pressure on China's golden boy Lin Dan to his advantage, just like how Lee used the pressure in the Thomas Cup semifinals to his advantage. Rattle him in the beginning, and perhaps we might see a fight.

Lee Yong Dae/Lee Hyo Jung vs. Nathan Robertson/Gail Emms
The English pair are coming off a confidence high after beating Gao Ling and Zheng Bo. However, I would say that beating Gao and Zheng isn't a feat in itself, they have been unpredictable and inconsistant lately. The Korean pair on the other hand, has a perfect combination of talent (Yong Dae) and experience (Hyo Jung). However, you don't become a world champion for no reason, and this would be a very closely fought match. The two Lees to prevail in 3.

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