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Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 7 Predictions 15/8/08

Ladies and gentlemen! We have the massive 7th day! Here are my prediction for today!

Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan vs. Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen
I have sat here and typed and deleted and retyped my prediction for this match. The thing is, it is very hard to predict who will win between both of this pairs. The Indonesians were impressive in their first time ever defeat of Malaysians Koo and Tan, while being not so impressive in their 3 set edge against Guo and Xie. The Danes were impressive right until the last match, where they were unexpectedly stretched by the Polish pair. On paper Kido and Setiawan will win, I have been extremely impressed with their explosive power, stamina, and consistancy, but this is the semifinals of the Olympics, their biggest tournament ever. Paaske and Rasmussen have the experience to back it up, and their ability to move the shuttle to all sorts of impressive places have well, impressed me. Ultimately I think the Danes will prevail, their bucketloads of experience will pull them through, but expect it to be a very very tight match.

Xie Xingfang vs. Lu Lan
Ask Li Yongbo. He said Xie Xingfang. Thats that. :D

Maria Kristin Yulianti vs. Zhang Ning
Both players were stretched in their last match, Maria playing a phenomenal three game match against Indian Saina Nehwal while Zhang edging the in form Pi Hongyan, barely. The Chinese defending Champion, in my opinion, obviously holds the upper hand, but Maria is not the normal Maria. She is Maria on fire. So can Maria on fire end Zhang's hopes of defending her title? I think not, but it would be a hell of a match.

Hwang Ji Man/ Lee Jae Jin vs. Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng
I believe Cai and Fu have not been tested so far this tournament. Apart from the slumping and off peak Jens Eriksen and Martin Luungard Hansen, they have not been against any strong opposition. Hwang and Lee have been impressive, and although they have never beaten this Chinese pair before, I think tonight they will come closer than ever in beating them. Expect a tight tight match, but ultimately I think the Koreans will prevail. Hard to tell though...

Lee Hyun Il vs. Lee Chong Wei
Wow wow wow. Lee Chong Wei finds himself in the semifinals of an Olympic Games. He was extremely impressive against Sony Dwi Kuncoro yesterday, who could do nothing but watch himself get demolished. Hyun Il on the other hand, in my opinion, is a surprise semifinalist. I didn't expect Bao to be beaten. Bao, I think, dug his own grave. He played marvelously, but kept failing at the last shot. The perfect smash went out, the perfect net shot went back into his court. Both have met each other twice this year, spliting both wins. Li Mao, Lee's former coach, which was embroiled in a contriversial country exchange, is now Hyun Il's coach. How much more mouth watering can this be? I think Chong Wei would prevail, and go to the finals of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to meet reigning world champion and current world number 1 Lin Dan in what will sure to be a spectacular finale to the tournament.

Lin Dan vs. Chen Jin
Don't look at me! Look at Li Yongbo! He said Lin Dan! Thats that. Besides, Chen owes Lin a big debt, for it is his deliberate defeat that allowed him to get to the Olympics.

Lee Hyo Jung/ Lee Kyung Won vs. Du Jing/Yu Yang (GOLD MEDAL MATCH!)
The finale. Crunch time. Will China's dominance in this field be broken? Hyo Jung and Kyung Won have been extremely impressive, while Du and Yu similarly have been impressive. The Chinese's stamina might come into issue here, as they were stretched in their last match. I think Hyo Jung and Kyung Won might just take this one, as I have been more impressed with their performance. But it would be tight. Very tight.

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