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Monday, August 11, 2008



Chong Wei will take on either Boonsak or Sony in the next round. Who do you think it would be?

In other matches, Marc Zwiebler just won the second game against Andrew Smith to take it to a rubber.

Join us later for more matches.

Lee wins.

20-14. Lee gets match point.

18-14. Unforced error from Lee.

18-12. Lee is blowing Susilo away with his attacks.

17-12. Lee should win now.

Quick points from Lee. 14-11.

Ronald levels it at 11 all.

Lee leads 11-8 at the interval.

9-7. Chong Wei maintains lead.

Make it 7-4 to Chong Wei.

Chong Wei has slim lead at 6-4. Ronald appears to be out of answers.

2 all.

Ronald snatches early lead. 2-0.

I'm not sure whether I heard it correctly, but the crowd appears to be behind Lee.

Takes it 21-13.

19-12. Chong Wei will win this.

17-12 to Malaysian. Should take it now.

Chong Wei is sending Susilo to different parts of the court. 16-12 to Chong Wei.

15-11. Susilo cannot afford to make weak backhand shots if he wants to keep up with Chong Wei.

They exchange points. Chong Wei has to cut down on the unforced errors. 13-10.

First point after interval goes to Chong Wei. 12-9

Chong Wei takes lead at interval. 11-9.

Chong Wei fails to capitalise. 9 all.

Nice from Ronald. 9-7 to Chong Wei.

Chong Wei snatches lead at 8-6.

6 all.

4-3. From my side I think both players are being cautious.

2 all. Composed start from both sides.

Welcome to the live commentary and live scoring today. Next up we have Ronald Susilo vs. Lee Chong Wei, and I am sure all of you are waiting anxiously for it.

1 comment:

Meng Boon said...

Hi Victor, Thanks for the LIVE scoring and commentary effort... I am so glad Chong Wei won the first match... keep it up Chong Wei and Victor!.. :)