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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Badminton Predictions - Denmark Open

Lin Dan vs. Bao Chunlai
Under normal circumstances, I would say that Lin Dan would most certainly prevail. But after seeing Bao survive Lee Chong Wei, Chen Jin and Taufik, I think this might be the match for Bao to shed his Mr. Runner Up status. Denmark certainly brings back memories for him; that is where he won his first international title, when he ironically beat Lin Dan in the finals. But circumstances have changed ever since. Lin Dan has become the poster boy for Chinese badminton, while Bao has been somewhat shunned into the shadows of the great Dan. Bao is a man with a mission, out to prove to Li Yongbo and his female fans that he can win titles. While it is rare for me to say this, I would say that Bao will prevail over Lin Dan in 3 tight sets.

Lu Lan vs. Zhang Ning
After Zhang Ning defies me and survives a scare from World Championship runner up Wang Chen, she appears to be marching towards another title, albeit with an injury that didn't seem to trouble her yesterday. The person that stands in her way is Lu Lan, who only months ago was considered a second stringer for badminton. However, she has stood up, scalping current World Number one Xie Xingfang and World Champion Zhu Lin in straight sets. Youngster vs. veteran... who will prevail? Tough to call, as I haven't seen Lu Lan playing in such impressive form before.

Koo/Tan vs. Eriksen/Luungard Hansen
Under normal circumstances I would give this match to Koo and Tan, as they have never lost to this pair before. However, seeing Eriksen and Luungard Hansen defeat Cai and Fu, would certainly make the contest closer. Koo and Tan are not only against Eriksen and Luungard Hansen, they are against the boisterous Danish crowd that could easily match the fanaticism of the Malaysians or Indonesians. However, Koo and Tan have proved their worth against Kido and Setiawan, and I would say Koo and Tan would win in 2 tight sets, breaking the hearts of the Danish people.

Yang/Zhang vs. Lee/Lee
There is no question in my mind that Yang and Zhang will win this title; I've said in the beginning, I'll say it now: Yang and Zhang are unstoppable... and Lee/Lee certainly won't be the ones to stop them. Yang/Zhang in two easy sets.

Robertson/Emms vs. He/Yu
Well.... this certainly is interesting. With the crashing out of the two top Indonesian seeds, it is now a battle between Robertson and Emms, former world champions and world number 1, against He and Yu, second stringers from China. I will have to give this game to Robertson and Emms, as they have shown that they won't crack under pressure. Furthermore, skill-wise, Robertson and Emms also hold the upper hand. Robertson/Emms in two sets.

Stay tuned for updates.
PS: I will be commenting on the World Junior Championships and the French Open next week.

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