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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Badminton Tournament - Denmark Open


The mouth watering match between World Championship silver medalist Sony Dwi Kuncoro and Lee Chong Wei, who was beaten by Sony en route to his title in Kuala Lumpur two months ago, turned out to be shorter than expected. One would argue that it turned out to be an anticlimax. The 36 minute encounter could be argued to be a one sided affair, with Lee dominating every aspect of the game, as though he was toying around with his archnemesis.

In the first game, Lee appeared to minimalise his use of smashes, where he gained only 3 points from smash winners. On the other hand, Sony had to gain 10 point by smashing, only to succumb under the pressure to Lee by 21-18. It could have either been a tactic used by Lee to tire out Sony. It could be just the nature of the game. But whatever Lee did, Lee got it right.

In the second game, after a strong surge by Sony in the first two points of the game, Lee too control of the game at 0-2 and never looked back. He never looked to be threatened by Sony, where Lee played his natural game. 9 of his points were smash winners, while in stark contrast to the first game, Sony only gained 3 points from smash winners. This was the complete reversal of the first game. Although I have not seen the game, it appears that Lee was either tiring out Sony in the first game, or was just testing out the conditions. Or he was just practicing his skills with Sony. Whatever it was, the cruel trashing in the second set rightfully earns my dub for him - the Silent Assassin - Destroying discretely without making a sound.

Lee looks set to advance to the finals of the Denmark Open, as he is expected to meet Danish player Kenneth Jonassen, where he is tipped to meet Lin Dan

All the best to Lee.

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