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Saturday, October 27, 2007

China vs. The Rest of the World

This kind of exhibition match has been held before, although not in badminton. For example, in Chess, there is a still ongoing Russia vs. Rest of the World. I had a request to examine China vs. The Rest of the World in the form of the Sudirman Cup competition. Here we go:

Men's Singles
Lin Dan vs. Lee Chong Wei
This will be a crucial match in the whole tie. Both players are capable of winning the match, and it would have to come down to which player had a better form on the day. Lin Dan or Lee to win in 3 sets.

Zhang Ning vs. Wang Chen
I had a hard time deciding who should represent China, but ultimately I went with Zhang Ning. I feel that if Zhang and Wang were at their peaks, Zhang would prevail. However, Wang has proved that she is capable in beating Zhang, evident in her win in Kuala Lumpur. Wang to win in 3 sets.

Koo/Tan vs. Cai/Fu
In current form, Koo/Tan will trounce Cai/Fu easily. Cai and Fu are going through a slump, and I don't see how they could win this match. Koo/Tan has been in punishing form; destroying all top pairs along the way. Koo/Tan to win in 2 straightforward sets.

Zhang/Yang vs. Lee/Lee
Zhang/Yang to win no doubt. Who can challenge Li Yongbo's girls at Women's Doubles? Evidently no one. Zhang/Yang to win in 2.

Zheng/Gao vs. Natsir/Widianto
Would be a another crucial match. Both pairs again, are capable of beating each other, but I think Zheng/Gao will ultimately prevail on that day, as they have proven to be the premier Mixed Doubles pair in the world. Zheng/Gao to win in 3 sets.

So overall, China would win 3-2 or lose 2-3 depending on the Men's Singles match. It would be interesting to hold such a match...

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