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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tournament Analysis - Denmark Open

Malaysians snatch Men's Doubles title after initial jittery start

After a stunning display of badminton where young Malaysian guns Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong came from a set down to defeat homeground favorites and hopes Jens Eriksen and Martin Lungaard Hansen, no one can dare accuse Koo and Tan of being a spent force anymore.

Just months ago, the Malaysian public, somewhat encouraged by the Malaysian media began vilifying and crucifying Koo and Tan for their failures in the World Championships. Many alleged that Koo and Tan were a spent force that should be split up. Now, I will have to brace myself for the overwhelming jumping of the bandwagon from the Malaysian public, who's allegiance seem to be ever changing, as Koo and Tan have resumed their winning ways. "Kick them when they're down, but worship them when they are up" seems to be the mentality of some Malaysian badminton fans.

Nevertheless, this should take nothing away from their spectacular victory in Odsense. After shockingly losing the first set when at they were leading all the way up to 13-10, many thought Koo and Tan did not possess the mental capacity to win the remaining games. Many thought the game was as well as over. Defying these pessimistic calls, Koo and Tan proceeded to pull away from the Danish pair after having a cat and mouse prelude of a second set. After being tied at 8-8 in the second set, Koo and Tan proceeded to chalk up a convincing 14-21 21-14 21-12 victory that did nothing but reaffirm their number 1 position, be it in the official ranking list or the eyes of many fans.

Hopefully Koo and Tan can maintain their winning ways into the French Open, another crucial tournament offering valuable Olympic ranking points.


Anonymous said...

true. the public are largely influenced by local media: when they win, u get to read normal report and nothing more than that. but when they lose, a lot of thoughts are put in, and reasons for them losing are analyzed down to what time they go to, and come back from practices.

and they never.ever comment on the tactical side of the game. i wonder if these ppl are even interested in the game itself.

vchi said...

inquinn: I agree.

Joey said...

haha... i cant say im not one of them... but as much as i despise them when they lose, its because i believe they can do so much better. but isnt that the case in hafiz hashim, who nowaday is a spentforce. more of like a passenger in a space aircraft:)

Anonymous said...

ahh just got around to watching the men's doubles finals. some say the semifinal was better but i quite enjoyed it especially the last game. yeah, best of luck to them for french open too!