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Friday, October 5, 2007

Tournament Prediction - Thomas Cup

A prediction for badminton fanatics on WHO WOULD WIN THOMAS CUP:

Based on current condition:
Team Badminton China will be:
Lin Dan (1)
Cai/Fu (2)
Chen Yu (3)
Xie/Guo (36)
Bao Chunlai (4)

Team Badminton Malaysia will be:
Lee Chong Wei (2)
Wong Choong Hann (16)
Lee Tsuen Seng (17)

Team Badminton Indonesia will be:
Sony (8)
MK/HS (1)
Taufik (10)
Simon (12)

Team Badminton Denmark will be:
Eriksen/Lundgaard (5)
Rasmussen/Paaske (10)

I predict semifinals to be (Based on my seeding):
China vs Denmark
Indonesia vs Malaysia

Playing out semifinals:
China vs Denmark
It should be a breeze for China:
Lin Dan should easily sweep away Peter Gade
Cai/Fu should blow away veterens Jens Eriksen/Martin Luungard
Chen Yu should finish off the job
China 3:0

Malaysia vs Indonesia
This would be an interesting tie, one of those classic matches:
Sony vs Lee - 50:50
Can Lee recover from his shock loss at the World Championships to Sony?
KKK/TBH vs Kido/Setiawan 50:50
Can currently slumping KKK/TBH recover in time to beat current World Champions and World Number 1?
Wong Choong Hann vs Taufik 40:60
Unless Choong Hann plays some of his best badminton ever, it is unlikely that he will beat Indonesian ace Taufik
CTF/LWW vs Alvent/Luluk 55-45
Again, on the themes of consistancy: can CTF/LWW deliver when they usually falter?
Lee Tsuen Seng vs Simon 45-55
Lee Tsuen Seng has the experience, but is it enough to overturn Simon?
If both teams were to play their best badminton, I feel that Malaysia will prevail; through their strength of Lee Chong Wei and the doubles.

LD vs LCW 50:50 - Crucial match, if LCW pulls it off it will be almost certain for Malaysia to be through.... or not. However, LCW is known to fail when too much pressure is on him, although he has shown improvement...
CY/FHF vs KKK/TBH 50:50 - Another crucial match that could very well be the deciding match in who becomes the new Thomas Cup Champion.
NB: If malaysia manages to win MS1, KKK/TBH should win, and if malaysia claims first 2 games, the stage is still set for the CHINA comeback... however, this wont be the first time that the Chinese Men Singles players collapse due to pressure (China lost the Thomas Cup to Indonesia in the 80s because they were over reliant on their Men Singles; when one falters, all of them collapse)
Chen Yu vs WCH - 60:40 - A crucial match if the MD and MS points go to different teams
Xie/Guo vs CTF/LWW 30:70 - Veterens should win. Possibly the winning point for Malaysia...
Bao vs Lee Tsuen Seng 50:50 - Again, if it comes down to this, Bao might fail, he is after all, known to be Mr. Runner Up...
All things depend on the first 2 games. Many different scenarios possible:
China to win 3:0, 3:1, 3:2 or Malaysia to win 3:1 or 3:2

What do you think?


Joey said...

i think its still too far fetch. but then again, we are all allowed to dream right? haha...

vchi said...

Lee: Haha... But I sincerely believe in my heart that Malaysia will win the Thomas Cup next year. With the strength of our doubles and Lee Chong Wei.

Anonymous said...

no way lah..

if ina meet mas in SF, i still believe taufik could beat lcw, all indonesian single will got the second double will present by candra/alvent or even we include sigit 4our team.. watch out lah.. and 50;50 for kido/hendra-koo/tan.. thats rite :)

so ill calculate this 3-1 or 3-2 indonesia win.

the final will be:


as for me..

indonesia bolehhh :P