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Saturday, December 15, 2007

China vs. Rest of the World (Thomas Cup Style)

Previously, I have published an article comparing China vs. Rest of the World Sudirman Cup style. Now, I will examine China vs. Rest of the World Thomas Cup style.

Men's Singles 1
Lin Dan vs. Lee Chong Wei
It will be a close fight, with world number 1 vs. world number 2. Lin Dan obviously holds the upper hand, and with his recent triumph in Hong Kong Open (although admittedly, under dubious circumstances), and would be the favorite to win this meeting. However, with Lee's underdog status, he might just spring us a suprise and beat Lin Dan in 3 tight sets. However, presently, Lin Dan would prevail in 3 sets.

China 1 World 0

Men's Doubles 1
Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong vs. Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng
Although Koo and Tan have been anything but impressive lately, Cai and Fu have also been going through a slump. I believe Koo and Tan will prevail in this match in 2 sets.

China 1 World 1

Men's Singles 2
Bao Chunlai vs. Peter Gade
Tough to say. While Gade is certainly past his prime, Bao is known to falter miserably when faced with this sort of pressure. This brings back memories of the 2002 Thomas Cup semifinals against Malaysia, where Bao faltered even though he was the favorite. Therefore, I believe Gade's experience will prevail in the end, with him beating Bao in 3 sets.

China 1 World 2

Men's Doubles 2
Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan vs. Guo Zhengdong/Xie Zhongbo
No doubt, Markis and Hendra obviously hold the upper hand against the lesser known, but sometimes lethal Chinese pair. Markis and Hendra to win in 2 sets.

China 1 World 3

Men's Singles 3
Chen Jin vs. Taufik Hidayat
Again, another match that could go either way. Chen Jin has been quite impressivev lately, but if you are to discount anyone, discount anyone but the great Hidayat. If all were to go to plan, this match would not be played, but if this match were to be played, I believe Taufik will win in 2 sets.

China 1 World 4

Evidently, the world fares better against China in the Men's department than the Women's. This has always been well known, with China's depth in Women's Singles and Women's Doubles legendary.

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