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Friday, April 18, 2008

Have you checked out I know most of you are Malaysian readers, and are badminton fanatics. Did you know that you can find many new or secondhand badminton goods online? Like when I search 'badminton', instantly I can select from a wide range of badminton products.

But thats not all folks, I can conveniently sort them by price, and read descriptions.

check out this product here:

I can contact the advertiser and then query about the product. The advertisers can be a private or a company advertiser, and they often respond to requests of more information. You can even request a testing of the equipment!

Often, these products are at least twice the time cheaper than the normal market price! The only reason the owners are getting rid of it is because they have lost interest in badminton, or have found a better racquet or equipment.

So if you want cheap stuff, and you to browse it from the convenience of your home, do log on to , the and check it out!

If you are an advertiser, or have goods (old racquets, etc) that you want to dispose of, why don't you advertise it on, and get rid of your unused goods for money!

This review is brought to you by and!

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