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Monday, May 12, 2008

Korea Throws Match

Lets look at Korea's lineup against England:

MS1: Hong Ji Hoon
MD1: Lee Yong Dae/Shon Seung Mo
MS2: Lee Jae Jin
MD2: Park Sung Hwan/Lee Jae Jin
MS3: Hwang Ji Man

What a farce!

However, I do not blame Korea. If I were put in that position, I probably would do the same thing. I would put the blame on the BWF for its ridiculous rules.

Winning the group does not give anybody much of an advantage anymore. Coming last in the group does not incur much penalty.

The BWF should seriously look into the Thomas Cup rules and groupings and improve it. Otherwise, matches will be thrown in the future just like this.

I pity the Senayan crowd... I hope they are expressing their displeasure. I certainly am!

1 comment:

Steen Schleicher said...

Hello Victor, I couldn't agree more with you. The rules needs immediate change.