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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thomas and Uber Cup Quarterfinals Predictions

Thomas Cup

China vs. Thailand
Unless Boonsak Ponsana is able to beat Lin Dan, I don't think Thailand will be able to claim a tie off China. 3-0 China.

Malaysia vs. Japan
Similarly, I don't think Japan will be able to claim a tie off Malaysia. 3-0 to Malaysia.

Korea vs. Denmark
My gut instinct tells me that Korea holds the upper hand, but their strength mainly lies in its doubles combinations. The question is, can Park Sung Hwan and Lee Hyun Il beat Kenneth Jonassen and Peter Gade? 3-2 to Korea, as they have a relatively strong 3rd MS to fall back on.

England vs. Indonesia
England is lucky to get so far, and we have Korea to blame for this. Indonesia to win 3-0, hands down.

Uber Cup

Germany vs. Denmark
A close match. Key match will be Xu vs. Tine. Whoever wins this tie will probably win this. 3-2 to Denmark.

Hong Kong vs. Indonesia
3-0 or 3-1 to Indonesia depending whether Yip Pui Yin is able to steal a game off Indonesia.

China vs. Netherlands
3-0 to China.

Korea vs. Malaysia
I expect Malaysia to field its broken up combinations and place Pek Siah/Pei Tty at the second doubles for a point. If Mew Choo can beat Hye Youn and Julia can beat Yun Hwa, then we will be set.


Selerines said...

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netski said...

Andrew Smith came within two points of beating Sony Dwi Kuncoro before losing 23-25 21-19 21-5. Anyone see the match? Was it as close an the score line suggests (well first two games anyway!)?

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