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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Most recent comment first.

Congratulations to Lin Dan the 2008 Beijing Olympics Gold Medalist.

12 Gold medal points to Lin.


18-6. Lin Dan is playing the best badminton I have ever seen anyone play. Even better than Joko in 1991 All England finals.

16-4. Lin Dan is just too good today.

14-4. Lin pulls closer and closer to that gold.

13-4. Lin leads.

13-3. Lin is too good today.

11-3? Hope perhaps?

11-2. Too little too late?

11-1. I don't think Lee can recover.

8-0. Is it over for the Malaysian?

6-0. Lee looks out of answers.

Lin leads 4-0 in the second game. Uh oh for Lee.

Lin Dan wins first game.

Lin Dan leads 17-10. Chong Wei must be calm and not panick.

Sorry for the slight delay. The score now is 14-8 to Lin Dan

Lin in superb form. 2-0 to China.

And it starts. A very long rally starts the game. 1-0 Lin

Warming up. Games are about to start. Stay tuned.

The players are intoduced and are walking onto court.

Medal ceremony over. We are now waiting for the players to come onto court.

The medal ceremony for the previous Mixed Doubles match is underway.

Cheerleading performance now. We expect the players to come out later.

The head to head records of both these players are 8-5, with Lin Dan having won 8 times. The last match they played was won by Lee at the Thomas Cup semifinals.

We are still waiting for the match to start. It is currently the Mixed Doubles finals. The Men's Singles finals will start when this finishes.


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Great Commentry, nice to see
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