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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Badminton Analysis- French Open

Lee leads the way for the Malaysian tigers!

Lee Chong Wei played a superb game today, defeating the Macau Open champion in a lopsided scoreline of 21-8 21-8 which can only indicate that he is playing top badminton although slightly injured. It is not often that you can witness such demolishing between top 5 players. In fact, I cannot recall when such a big scoreline was achieved when two top 5 ranked players faced off.

Chen Jin never looked to be in the match, at one point trailing 15-1 in the first game. The second was no different, with everything, pace, shots and angles all being dictated by the lanky Malaysian shuttler. Chen Jin had absolutely no reply for the superb defensive and patient display exhibited by Chong Wei.

Although Chen Jin was rumored to be injured, this is taking nothing away from the Malaysian shuttler, who exhibited such calmness in his shot-making, that one would say that he was in completely different league of his own. Although I failed to catch the game live, Chen Jin's injury, if it didn't warrant him to withdraw, meant that it couldn't have affected him too much. Hence, all credit for Chong Wei for such an exhibition of skills.

This certainly augurs well for tomorrow finals, against either Lin Dan or Bao Chunlai, who are battling it out in court now. With such a confident and demolishing display today, this certainly makes his opponent tomorrow, whoever he is, to be the underdog.

All the best to all Malaysians!


Anonymous said...

Chen Jin.. never trailed 15-1

Lee said...

i watched the match live. lee chong wei was simply superb. incredible patience and stroke play. surprisingly, he play better injured than when he was not. he managed to use his superior agility and skill to his advantage. scorelines of under 10 are very rare amongst player in top 10 let alone top 5. so i would count this win as amongst his best ever. though at times lee chong wei seemed to grimace when he had to stretch for shots, he would just recover and play a superb shot the next. on the other hand, chen jin was out of sorts today. though he seemed to have picked up an injury in the latter stage of second set, he was still able to smash his way thru. so as to not take away the honor of win from lee chong wei, i highly doubt chen jin was not fit. he just do not have the answer to chong wei's skill and agility. as for the finals, chong wei would need to be careful though his opponent will be bao chun lai. i ws surprised that bao was able to defeat lin dan. though it was not shown in astro, im sure both players gave their best. bao will no doubt has inputs from lin dan on how to defeat chong wei. if bao is able to run chong wei all over the court, i have no doubt that chong wei will be in serious trouble. his movements seemed limited by his left knee. all in all, its quite a good day for malaysia though wong mew choo lost in straight sets to xie xang fang, 21-11-21-19. all kudos to mew choo. chong tan fook and lee wan wah showed the japanese pair, ohtsuka and masuda who r the bosses today. haha. malaysia won 21-17-21-11. just too bad its not an all malaysian semi finals. well, we cant have everything right:)

Lee said...

chen jin trailed 12-1 at one point and 15-2 the other.

Victor Ching said...

anonymous: Sorry it was 15-2
Lee: agree and thanks for the input!