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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Match Report – Semifinals French Open

Lee Chong Wei vs. Chen Jin
Both fight to secure a semifinals spot, with Lee trying to prevent an all Chinese encounter

After a cautious start by both players, Lee flies off to a magical lead, with Chen Jin unable to find any answers to Lee’s patient game. Chen attempted to play a long drawn out rallying game, but evidently failed as he trailed 1-11 in the mid game interval. The second game interval saw Lee play the most magnificent badminton ever, allowing Chen one point before taking a massive 16-2 lead that seemed unreachable. Chen Jin attempted to stage a comeback that saw him marginally reduce Lee’s humungous lead to 7-19. However, Chen’s futile efforts were all in vain when Lee took the first set eventually at 21-8, a complete whitewash.

Lee continued his gallant run, taking the first 3 points to lead 3-0. Refusing commit the same mistake as he did in Odsense, he raced to a further 6-1 lead, before conceding another point. It seemed like Chen Jin was being whitewashed. At 9-2, it seemed that this was a repeat of the lopsided first game. This proved true when Lee took the mid game interval advantage at an enormous 11-2 lead. Not much to report here as Lee continues his dominating form into an 11 point lead at 14-3. Reports have come in stating that they suspect Chen Jin to have an injury. By the looks of the score, it appears so, but Chen Jin seems to be playing fine. Chen Jin carries on, narrowing Lee’s lead to 6-15. The highly anticipated fight back did not occur, as Lee earned a match point at 20-8, and only needs one to win it 21-8 21-8.

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