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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Choon Eng/Chong Ming: WE ARE BACK!

The systematic destruction of a seeded pair by a qualifier is extremely unusual. Even worse, losing by 21-10 must say something about the qualifier. World number 8 Hwang Ji Man and Lee Jae Jin of Korea surely understand that they are not facing an unknown pair, but to an old pair of maestros that have simply disappeared, and now have reappeared.

Having to play through the qualifying tournament and then facing one of the world's best players is not mean feat. Furthermore, if your age is a barrier, then you would usually be dismissed. In addition to this, when you lose the first game after gaining a lead and giving away 12 points in a row, one would surely think of giving up.

However, Choon Eng and Chong Ming, two veteran doubles players who are thought to have long past their primes, then proceeded to take the second and the third game, and advance to the third round. Although it may be still too early to say anything, but judging by the superb form both players are in, they will most likely, once again, be an asset to Malaysian badminton.

I do wish that Choon Eng and Chong Ming go far in this tournament to send a resounding warning to the badminton community that: they are back!

Good luck to them!

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