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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In a rematch of the first round of the China Masters, Wong Choong Hann has proven that he is still in the game by disposing of formidable Chinese player Chen Hong in two sets, and by doing so, has send out a message to all Malaysian players.

After a passionate plea to Malaysian Men's Singles players, Wong has once again captured the imagination of all Malaysians worldwide by scoring another upset against Chen Hong of China. The selfless and patriotic Wong could not bear seeing Malaysia being represented by only one player for the first time in the history of Olympic Games, and appealed to the Malaysian Men's Singles players to step up and rise to the occasion. And he did exactly that.

The manner of which Chen Hong was systematically annihilated by the lanky Malaysian veteran clearly sends a message to the Malaysian Men's Singles players: Don't let Malaysia lose face. He has once again set an example for all Malaysian Men's Singles players to follow. Always the leader, he is challenging our complacent players to step up and intensify the fight for the 2nd spot.

We Malaysians thought Wong Choong Hann was good in the first set. We were mistaken. What Wong did in the second set was beyond expectations. It was breathtaking. It was incredible. 21-13 then 21-8. A score that would act as a warning to all players to step up, and bring Malaysia back into the glory light.

Wong Choong Hann, I salute you. Your dedication, your courage and your perseverance is admirable. At a time when most will give up, you led on. You are the Malaysian 'rock'. You are our Malaysian hero. You are our Malaysian leader. A true Malaysian.

Good luck to you Wong, and I wish you all the best.

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