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Friday, May 16, 2008

Thomas Cup Semifinals Predictions

China vs. Malaysia
Will the great wall crack? The route to victory for the Malaysian team is winning both the MD and snatching one of the singles. The most reliable singles will be MS1, Lee Chong Wei. However, both Wong Choong Hann and Hafiz Hashim have a chance to upset their opponents. This certainly will be one of the, if not the most anticipated match of the whole tournament, and I am already salivating thinking about it!

Indonesia vs. Korea
After Korea survived a scare against Denmark, they will now face the Indonesian team and the wrath of Istora Senayan. When Gillian Clark called Istora Senayan the heartland of badminton, I wholeheartedly agreed: You don't become a great player unless you beat the Istora Senayan crowd. The numerous oohs and ahhs and boos is enough to turn any player to jelly. Back to the tie, I think Indonesia will win MS1 and MS3, while the others are effectively swing matches. I am extremely inclined to give it to Indonesia, as they have both depth and talent. And of course they have the crowd.

1 comment:

TheCoach said...

Hi Victor, I agree with you that Indonesia is taking this match. I think 2. MD will be the decider.