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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uber Cup Semifinals Predictions

The excitement of the Uber Cup has largely died down for the Malaysian fans. However, we still have a Thomas Cup team in tomorrow's Thomas Cup semifinals.

China vs. Korea
I think China's fright yesterday did more harm than good to the Koreans. I am still in shock as to how close the match actually was. Judith was 2 points from creating the biggest upset in the history of the Uber Cup! I seriously, cannot believe how close it was! However, I think China has now bucked up, and backed by their ever reliable doubles pairings, will be back on track. I just wished I was there to see Li Yongbo's face though :D. To win, Korea has to strike the vulnerability of the Chinese WS players, if there is any. However, my believe is that after yesterday's scare, China will be more alert.

Germany vs. Indonesia
This is a tricky matchup. Germany yesterday claimed revenge against Denmark for its defeat in the European Championships, where it won in a surprising scoreline of 3-0, although most of the matches were extremely tight. Indonesia, on the other hand, claimed an impressive victory against Hong Kong yesterday, and will be bursting with confidence. Indonesia will be banking on their doubles, while Germany will be banking on Tine and Julianne. 3-2 to Indonesia, or 2-3 to Germany, depending on whether the Indonesian doubles pairings collapse.

Stay tuned for news on the Thomas and Uber Cup!

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