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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Lin Dan vs. Park Sung Hwan - Park to win. I've seen him and Lin play in the semifinals. Park much more convincing. Plus Lin Dan's air of invincibility has been shattered, in his straight set lost to Lee Chong Wei. And hes on a confidence low. Park is coming in after a title and an unbeaten streak. And the head to head record favors Park. Need I say more?

Cai/Fu vs. Jung/Lee - Jung and Lee to win. Seen them both play. Jung/Lee won their game by beating the World Champs and World Number 1. Cai/Fu won their game by Koo and Tan losing it. The extraordinary Lee Yong Dae is another major factor here. Watch out for Jung and Lee, if you haven't already. I think they are set to dominate the MD stage. Or at least Lee Yong Dae will, no matter who hes playing with, whether it is in the MD or XD.

Bao Chunlai vs. Lee Hyun Il - Seen them both play. Both impressive. But Hyun Il's win against Taufik was spectacular. Bao's win against Wong, was, well, a win. Nothing spectacular, good basics - groundstrokes, footwork, but cannot be compared with the, to quote Gillian Clark 'authoritative' performance by Hyun Il. Hyun Il was literally bossing the reigning Olympic Champion round the court, and there was little Istora Senayan could do about it.

Guo/Xie vs. Hwang/Lee
- Guo and Xie were unconvincing on Friday. Clearly rattled, clearly not comfortable and crumbling under pressure. Have not seen Hwang and Lee play, but judging by past performances, Guo and Xie will be swept under the rug in this game, if it comes that far, which I doubt.

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