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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Watch this space for updates on the tie that starts at 7pm Malaysian time, 6pm Jakarta time.

LIVE COMMENTARY (Most Recent First)
(Current game: 3rd game of 4th tie)





15-9 to China


China lead 11-5 as we go to the last game interval.

China lead 10-4.

8-3 China lead.

7-3 China lead.

China lead 5-2

China leads 3-2 after a long rally.

2-1 to Korea.

1-0 to Korea.

The air was thick with tension when the last few points of that game was played.

21-19. Koreans drag it to rubber.

20-19 to Korea.

19-18 to Korea.

18 all.

Xie serves into the net. 18-17.

17 all.

17-16 Koreans lead.

16 all.

15-14. Koreans lead

Thats better from Koreans. 14-12 they lead.

Another error. 13-12.

Too many errors. 13-11.


12-9 Koreans lead.

What I can see is a lot of rustiness from Koreans. They go to the interval with a 11-8 lead.

Nice angle from Jae Jin. Will restore much confidence. 10-7 Korea.

8-6 Korea.

7-6. Slim lead to Korea.

6-5 to Korea.

2 consecutive unforced errors. 5-4 to China.

4-3. Korea leads.

Fault receiver. 3 all.

2-1. Koreans have to win this to stay in the tie.

1-0 to China.

China wins 21-12



18-11. Nice smash.



China have all the luck. 17-8 to Chinese.



Weak defense from Korea, which is usually one of their strong points. 14-5.


11-4. Maybe the Koreans are rusty as they have not played any games?

9-4. Thats more like it.

Miscommunication. 9-2.


6-2. Good angled smash.

Long rally to China. 6-1.

Sloppy from Ji Man 4-1 to China.

2-1. Good rally.

1-0 good lift from China.

Bao wins 28-26 21-11

19-10. Hyun Il is not trying anymore. Oops. 20-10.



15-7. Too little too late?


14-5. Bao's going to win this.

12-5 to Bao.

Hyun Il is uncomfortable. 11-4.

10-4 to Bao.

7-4 to Bao after mistake by Lee.

5-3 to Bao.


3-1 to China

Bao wins 28-26.

27-26 Bao leads.

26 all!

26-25 to Hyun Il.


25-24 to Hyun Il.

24 all.

24-23 to Bao.

Crowd chants KO RE A!

23 all.

23-22 to Bao.

22 all

21-21 to Hyun Il. Silly error from Bao

21 all.

21-20 Hyun Il leads.

20 all.

Lucky net for Hyun Il. 20-19

Bao serves into the net. 20-18.

3 match points to Bao. 20-17.

19-17 to Bao.


17-15 Bao leads.

Bao leads 16-14.

Scores are leveled. 14 all.

Drift takes Hyun Il's shot out. 14-12 he leads.


13-10 Korea.

12-10 to Korea. Good smash from Bao.

12-8 to Korea.

11-6. Interval.

10-6 to Korea. Nice and lucky netplay.


8-5. Bao nets. Patient game from Hyun Il.

7-5. Bao's shot out.

6-4 to Hyun Il.

5-4 to Hyun Il. Nice net exchange.



2-1 to China.

2-0 after some great defense from Bao.

1-0 to China.

Nope. Korea wins 25-23 21-16.

20-16. China saves two. Needs 4 more.

Fu nets a smash. Again. 20-14.


Chinese service fault. 19-13.


17-11. Koreans leading and should win.

14-10. Good offense from Korea.

Incredible from Koreans. 13-9.

12-9 Koreans leading.

11-9. Second game interval.

10-7 to Koreans.

Nice net shot from Koreans. 9-6.

8-6 to Korea.

7-4. Cai Yun's shot out.

6-4 to Korea.

Cai Yun puts pressure on Koreans. They falter. 5-3.

Cai Yun finds a gap in Koreans. 5-2.

Haifeng nets a smash. 5-1.

Nice smash from Jung. 4-1.

3-1 to Korea.

3-0. Haifeng failed to return a smash.

Bad error in the net by Cai. 2-0 to Korea.

1-0 to Korea.

Koreans only need one. 25-23 to Koreans.

24-23. Koreans have game point for the first time.

23 all.

23-22 to China.

22 all.

22-21 to China.

21 all.

21-20 to Chinese.

20 all.

Long from Koreans. 20-19.

19 all.

Chinese lead at crucial stage. 19-18.

Another successful attack. 18 all.

Attack from China successful. 18-17 to Korea.

18-16 to Korea after a shot by the Koreans go long.

17-15 to Korea.

Nice from Cai Yun. The net master. 16-15.

16-14 to Korea.

Woeful mistake from Cai. 15-14. Korean in front

14 all.

Mistake from China. 14-13.

13-11. Coordinated attack from Koreans.


Nice attack by Koreans. 12-10.


11-9. NOW, we go to the interval.

Correction, 10-8 to China.

11-8 to China as we go to the first game interval.

10-8 to China.

Scores leveled by Yong Dae. 8-8.

8-7 to China.

Change of pace from Fu. 6-5 to China.

Error from Cai makes it 5all.

Good defense and offence from Koreans. 5-4.

Good rally. Yong Dae finishes it off easily. 5-3.

Yong Dae nets it. 5-1.

4-1 to China. Good smashes.

3-1 to China.

1-0 to China.

Now is: Jung Jae Sung and Lee Yong Dae vs. Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng.

Lin Dan wins the tie 10-21 21-18 21-8




Net kill from Lin. 15-8.

Too hard from Park. 14-8.


Nice slice from Lin. 13-7.

Long from Lin. 12-7.

Lucky shot catches the net. Lin leads 12-6.

The mysterious towel reappears. Every Chinese player seems to get it at the break.

Park nets a drop. 11-6.

Good defense by Park. 10-6.

Smash by Lin goes out. 10-5.

10-4 to Lin. Bad error from Park.

9-4 to Lin.

Good smash from Lin. 8-4.

Good change of pace from Lin. 7-4.

Good interception. 6-4 to Lin.

Lin Dan nets it. 5-4.

Lin Dan nets a drop. 5-3.

Park shocked by long serve. 5-2.

Lucky net shot. 4-2 to Lin.

Another bad net shot from Park. 3-2 to Lin.

Park kills it to level it at 2all

Out from Park. 2-1 to Lin.

Smash from Lin. 1all.

1-0 Park.

Lin Dan kills a loose net shot. 21-18. Off to a rubber.

Nice deception from Park. 20-18.

Half drive from Lin Dan gives him 3 game points. 20-17.

Jumping smash from Park finds the line. 19-17.

Nice defense from Park but he nets it. 19-16.

Park kills a loose shot. 18-16.

Failed net shot from Lin. 18-15.

18-14 to Lin.

Half court smash from Park. 17-14.

Long from Park. 17-13.

Lin scores a point by with a half smash half push. 16-13.

Nice twisted body deception from Park. 15-13.

Another failed net shot from Park. 15-12.

Out from Park. 14-12 to Lin.

Park puts it out to let Lin lead by 1. 13-12.

Nice crosscourt smash from Park to level it 12all.

Lin puts it out. 12-11.

Shuttle stays on top of net, then decides to drop into Park's court. 12-10 Lin.

Misjudgement from Lin Dan. 11-10.

Jumping smash by Park is weakly returned by Lin, which is put away promptly. 11-9 to Lin but momentum with Park.

Lift by the Chinese fails. 11-8.

Lin Dan takes an out shot and was punished with a net kill. 11-7.

Nice flat exchanges. But Lin's power prevails. 11-6 he leads at the interval.

Park nets a smash. 10-6.

Equally impressive smash from Park. 9-6.

Good smash from Lin. 9-5.

Nice deception from Park but it goes out. 8-5.

Nice net play from Lin. Or was it just lucky? 7-5.

Drop by Lin doesn't clear the net. 6-5.

Nice defense by Lin. Finishes off with a smash. 6-4 to him.

Lin's shot just out. 5-4.

Park nets a cross court drop. 5-3 to Chinese.

Drift brings Park's smash out. 4-3.

Half court lift from Lin gets put away from Park. 3all.

Same error from Lin. 3-2.

Nice cross court jumping smash from Lin. 3-1.

Lin's lift fails to clear the net. 2-1 to Lin.

Park nets a push. 2-0.

Nice smash from Lin. 1-0 to Lin.

First game to Park. 21-10.

Drift brings Lin's shot out. 20-10. Park has matchpoint.

Incredible defense from Park. 19-10 to Park.

Lin nets a net shot. 18-10.

Wrong choice of shot from Park. 17-10.

Nice cross court drop. 17-9.

Park wins another point but the scoreboard says my scores for Lin are wrong. 16-9.

Incredible from Park. 15-10.

Nice smash from Lin. 14-10. Park being chased.

Too impatient from Park. 14-9, his momentum slightly broken.

Lin replies with an equally lucky net shot. 14-8.

Net shot from Park clips the net. Park leads 14-7. All him now.

Out from Lin. 13-7. Chinese under pressure.

Another deceptive push. 12-7.

Another deceptive push from Park. 11-7 interval.

Patient game and good deception from Park but he nets it. 10-6.

Lin shows his firepower. 10-5.

Nice push deception from Park. 10-4.

Lin sends it wide. 9-4 to Koreans.

Park sends it long. 8-4.

Failed net shot by Park breaks his momentum. 8-3.

Good smash by Park. 8-2 to him.

Good serve by Park left by Lin. 7-2.

Good smash from Park. 6-2.

Lin Dan's baseline smash goes out. 5-2.

Net kill by Park. 4-2.

Cross court push by Park not replied by Lin. 3-2 to Park.

Drift brings Lin's shuttle in for 2all.

Park goes out. 2-1 to Park.

Nice drop by Park. 2-0.

Exciting rally to start the game. Park 1-0 after being patient.

And the game starts.

Players on court warming up now.

Interesting to note the 'pockets of Korean resistance' :).

Istora Senayan has been transformed into a Chinese 'area'. Crowd chants: ZHUNG GUO DUI, JIAYOU!

Not a bad crowd, despite Indonesia's exit.

Players have been introduced.

One minute of silence being observed for the victims of the earthquake.

Announcements being made. A special announcement about the Chinese Earthquake being made.

No suprises:

Lin Dan vs. Park Sung Hwan
Bao Chunlai vs. Lee Hyun Il
Chen Yu vs. Shon Seung Mo
Cai Fu vs. Jung Lee
Guo Xie vs. Hwang Lee

Welcome and thank you for joining us for the live commentary. The matchups will be posted shortly.


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