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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Indonesian Open Day 2 Predictions

Sorry for the long delay in postings. Had my exams. Anyway, the Indonesian Open doesn't have many Malaysians participating, and is a pretty watered down affair for a Super Series event.

Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan vs. Chan Chong Ming/Chew Choon Eng
While Chan and Chew are a up and recovering pair, Markis and Kido are a pair that have already proven themselves. The world champions and world number 1 are obviously heavy favorites for this tie. However, Chan and Chew are anything but easy meat: they are ex world number 1s, and have the ability to pull off this win. Their chances are just very slim. If Chan and Chew can restrict Kido's smash, Malaysia might have a chance.

Hoon Thien How/Ong Soon Hock vs. Ikeda/Sakamoto
Another scratch pairing. Hoon and Ong are both good players in their own right, but so is Ikeda and Sakamoto. I will give this to the Japanese pair, they appear to have the upper hand, but not by much. If the Malaysians can confuse Ikeda and Sakamoto with this new pairing, Malaysia will win it. If they go with the traditional game and get read by the Japanese easily, the Japanese will win it.

Chin/Wong vs. Sorokina/Vislova
Chin and Wong are obviously the favorites for this match. However, this Russian pair has proven to be lethal at times. The Malaysian pair has been dogged by injuries for their whole career, and although they are bound for the Olympics, Chin and Wong have to step up to stand a chance to win a medal this coming August.

Lee Tsuen Seng vs. Kendrick Lee
Tsuen Seng is obviously the more experienced player, but I would give this game to Kendrick. Kendrick has proven that he is a dark horse in tournaments such as these, and well very well make it very far into this tournament. Furthermore, the last few meetings have generally gone in favor of the Singaporean. Kendrick in 2.

Sairul vs. Wacha
Sairul appears to be recovering some of his previous form. Wacha on the other hand, is generally a pretty dangerous player. If Sairul continues to show the form that he has displayed for the last month, he will win it.

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