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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Badminton Tournament - Denmark Open

Day 1 predictions - Let the games begin!

Note: I have not made predictions for all games, but rather a selected few that look interesting:

Kaori Mori vs. Firdasari
The upcoming Indonesian lass against seasoned Japanese veteran. Both players have not met each other before, and it would be interesting to see which one comes up on top. Tough to call.

Susan Hughes vs. Zhou Mi
For former world number one Zhou, it would be a walk in a park against the lesser known Scottish Susan Hughes. Zhou should easily take it in two sets.

Yulianti vs. Yip Pui Yin
Again, involves the rather experienced Yip against the lesser known Yulianti. The big smashing Yip should take this game.

Jiang vs. Wong
European based Jiang is always a dangerous player, especially against more known opponents. However, Wong cannot be dismissed so easily, lets not forget that it was she that silenced Xie and drew the line dangerously close for Chinese dominance in Women's Singles in the recently concluded World Championships. Wong should prevail.

Ng Wei vs Simon
Simon, the 3rd Men's Singles player from Indonesia, against Hong Kong's Ng Wei. It would be a tough contest, but Simon's credentials prompts me to give this to him. Simon in three tight sets.

Roslin vs. Hafiz
This game would come down to whether yoyo king Hafiz is on his upsides or downsides of his ever changing pendulum swing. If Hafiz plays good, he will prevail, but the elder brother Roslin will take it if Hafiz is playing bad.

Wacha vs. Boonsak
Boonsak, the Singapore Open winner, against Wacha, famous for his exploits in China where he beat Chen Jin. I believe Boonsak should win this, although Wacha might hand us a pleasant suprise. However, Wacha appears to be slumping in his form, and I would say that Boonsak is the more probable winner.

Ronald vs. Bao
Bao is obviously the more highly regarded player, but the ex Indonesian should never be discounted. It all comes down to whether Bao's apparent mental weakness will affect his game.

Doubles predictions next!

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