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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Badminton Predictions - Denmark Open

Doubles Predictions Day 1

Zhang/Wei vs. Chin/Wong
The world number 1s have a tough opening draw against Chin and Wong. As much as I like Chin and Wong to win, I believe that it is inevitable that Zhang and Wei will prevail. However, Chin and Wong might give us Malaysians a pleasant surprise by staging one of the biggest upsets.

Luluk/Alvent vs. Njoto/Wiratama
It will be interesting to see whether Luluk and Alvent's recent loss in Macau to lesser known Malaysian juniors still lingers in their mind when they take on tough first round opponents Njoto and Wiratama. Njoto and Wiratama are consistant players, although not really among the ranks of the best. Tough to call, but Luluk and Alvent will win if they are on form.

Saputra/Li vs/ Robertson/Emms
The Singaporean pair have recently raised to prominence, but ex world number 1 and World Champions Robertson and Emms are the more highly regarded pair, and I think they should win it.

Novita/Polii vs. Yang/Zhang
Zhang Jiewen, badminton fanatic's favourite Women's Doubles player, against the lesser known but dangerous pair of Novita and Polii. Although they have a tough first round opening, but I still think that the Chinese second seeds will prevail all the way into a first place finish.

Boe/Mogensen vs. Paaske/Rasmussen
Paaske and Rasmussen are ex world number 1 and World Champions. They are against second stringers Boe and Mogensen, and it would make some very interesting badminton. However, the World Champions have superior skill and experience, and they should prevail.

PS: One more interesting Singles Predictions:

Kay Bin vs. Kenneth
Kenneth is highly respected, but Kay Bin, the famed choker seems to want to do better this time, signaled by his claims in the press. Is this all talk again, or will this signal a change in his playing?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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