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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Badminton Predictions - Denmark Open

The Malaysian Assault- Can They Pass the First Test?

Tomorrow will see several Malaysians take to the Danish courts, and several of them face extremely stiff test. Can they pass them?

(Predictions for matches involving Malaysians for the First Round)

Sairul Amar Ayob
He faces Andrew Smith, the British number 1 Men's Singles player. While Sairul is considered one of Malaysia's second stringers, he nevertheless will be stiff challenge for Smith. However, Sairul's unconvincing lost to Tsuen Seng in the Dutch Open really does beg the question whether he is just an exaggeration, which he will have to disprove or prove tomorrow. I believe Andrew will prevail though, in three tight sets.

Kien Keat/Boon Heong
Fresh from their triumph in Macau, the reigning world number 1 have a fairly tough opening match against Singaporeans Saputra and Wijaya. However, should Koo and Tan be in top form, these opponents should be a breeze for them, as I am really not convinced by Saputra and Wijaya's form in the Dutch Open. Provided that Koo and Tan do not give us an unpleasant surprise, they should prevail in two straightforward sets.

Tan Fook/Wan Wah
Against Malaythong and Bach from the USA, Choong and Lee are clearly the favourites in this game. However, lets not forget that Choong and Lee are known to be the pair that loses to lesser pairs in the world. However, since their scintillating form in Macau, narrowly losing out to Koo and Tan, I believe that Choong and Lee are on the right track to brush the American's aside.

Lee Chong Wei
Chong Wei is up against the winner of the qualifying round. Chong Wei should have no problem in brushing him aside, and should easily score a sweat-less victory against his lesser known pair.

Tsuen Seng
Lee will be up against respected Japanese number 1 Shoji Sato. These will be tricky waters for Lee to navigate in, and if he is not careful, I can foresee Sato defeating Tsuen Seng. However, despite Tsuen Seng's lacklustre performance in the recently concluded Dutch Open, he was a Quarter Finalist here, and I think he might repeat this feat again. Tsuen Seng in 3 tight sets. Both players have not met each other yet.

All the best to all Malaysians.


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