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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Badminton Tournament - Denmark Open


Chin Eei Hui and Wong Pei Tty. From zero to hero.

Beating the renouned pair of Zhang Yawen and Wei Yili, who's credentials go from World Number 1 to World Championships Silver Medalists, Chin and Wong have sounded a warning bell to Li Yongbo's girls that clearly ring: Beware, you will be next!

Indeed, although we would have liked Chin and Wong to win this match, no one ever thought that they could actually pull off beating the reigning world number 1. Chin and Wong appear to be resurfacing from a slump in their career, and are ready to achieve greater and higher heights. However, it will be shortsighted of me to declare too much too early. Although they have beaten the current world number 1, if this result were to be emulated in later rounds, then Malaysia's position as badminton powerhouse can only be reinforced further after our fairly successful outing in Macau.

Suffering from a defeat in the second set after silencing critiques that claimed that they were weak mentally when they won the first set after a deuce , Chin and Wong were behind in the interval in the third set. However, when the scores were tied at 14-14, Chin and Wong had enough. They were going to win. They were going to tell the world and for that matter, China, that THEY WERE BACK! They raced to a speedy victory after that, brushing aside the Chinese as though they were just another pair, as though Chin and Wong were against some unknown. They were in a different class to the Chinese world number ones, and they cracked the Great Wall of China with ease.

This certainly represents a breakthrough for Malaysian Women's Doubles badminton, as Chin and Wong have not been really a threat lately. But after this, players will approach them with more respect. Chin and Wong are one of the best Women Doubles shuttlers in the world, and they have made it known today.

Zhao Tingting and Yu Yang.... you're next!!!


1 comment:

Joey said...

i think to really say that they r one of the best pairs in the world, they have to constantly beat these chinese players... next up for them is an indian pair. on paper, they shld easily beat them. but u never know. thats how chong/lee lost. even nicol david lost today in the round of 16 in world squash championships to shelley kitchen. hai... is it that our squash queen starting to crack? but having said that, of coz i hope chin/wong go all the way in the danish open... wishful thinking? only they can prove me wrong...