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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Badminton Tournament - Macau Open

Winners Koo and Tan clinch another title while gallant tigers Choong and Lee put up brilliant exhibition of Men's Double's badminton at its best

Its time for Malaysia to start dominating Men's Doubles badminton again. After the brilliant performance by all 4 players, I can confidently say that this, is Men's Doubles badminton at its best.

The solid defense and offensive skills exhibited by all 4 players on court today stunned many stubborn critics of Malaysian badminton. Koo and Tan exhibited such brilliance in the way they defended each point; Koo even injured himself in the process. Some may condemn it and call it a stunt, but I believe this represents the ultimate epitome of the dedication to the sport... only one who plays the sport with all his heart, can truly claim to be a true sportsmen, and I believe Koo and Tan today, with their fighting spirit, and their never die attitude when faced with 3 match points for the veterans, have shown the world. Kudos to Koo and Tan. Malaysia is proud of them, and will always be behind you!

Choong and Lee on the other hand, although losers of the tightly contested final, deserve a special mention. The manner in which Choong and Lee kept up with the pace of the young Koo and Tan is simply breathtaking. The ways that Choong and Lee used to cope with such fast exchanges was just admirable. No one expected these pair of old hands to put up such a fight, such a brilliant display of badminton. Indeed, in my opinion, on another day, Choong and Lee would have won the game. It is unfortunate that the game had a loser, because I felt that the performance by all four players deserve to be rewarded, and all of them deserve to be winners.

Such good performance by Malaysia in Macau Open certainly brighten Malaysia's prospects in the 2008 Thomas Cup and Olympic Games. It now remains to see whether these pairs can keep up the good work and continue consistently sweeping titles for Malaysia.

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L2 said...

they are all winners. nice to see KKK-TBH and LWW-CTF in the finals. malaysia still proves to be a power in the badminton arena. hopefully they can maintain such great form.
on the other hand, i have to mention that Pemuda, a guy on the forums is extremely critical of KKK. we need more fans like you, Victor. supportive and encouraging.

Joey said...

critisms are good as long as they r constructive:)

L2 said...

Pemuda isn't constructive. he is destructive.

Joey said...

ive realised that KKK/TBH have beaten 3 out of 4 medalists at the recently concluded world championships. hows that for right back at u:) beware indonesia, china, south korea and denmark, etc...