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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Badminton Tournament - Macau Open

** Low Priority **

Taufik Hidayat – Taking over as Mr. Runner Up?

Three consecutive finals – three consecutive silver medals. Is this
trend going to continue plaguing the great Taufik Hidayat?

Strike one – Taufik loses to Lee Chong Wei in the finals of the Japan
Strike two – Taufik loses to teammate Simon in the finals of the Taipei
Strike three – Taufik loses to Chen Jin in the finals of the Macau Open
… three consecutive strikes, and you're out...

Taufik Hidayat had the easiest road to the finals. Arch nemesis Lin Dan
withdrawing. Good friend Lee Chong Wei not participating. Bao Chunlai,
denier of his 7th Indonesian Open title losing. And still he couldn't
win, even though he was the clear favorite for the title. Is Taufik
destined to fight all the way to the finals, then to bow out?

Obviously, the answer to this headache lies in Taufik's fitness level.
I'm sure that Taufik would be able to win the game if he met Chen Jin
in round one. Taufik has one of the most beautiful groundstrokes and
netplays in the whole game of badminton, but if not complimented by the
fitness level to keep up with his skill, all these talent will just go
to waste. It's a shame that Taufik didn't achieve more in his career
when he showed such potential in qualifying for the finals of the All
England when he was just 17. Whether he identifies this problem and
changes it, it will be up to him. He is after all, not playing for the
money anymore. Taufik is playing the game because he enjoys the game,
and running 10 kilometers a day dosen't really appeal to him, I am sure.

Will Taufik choose to be a World or Olympic Champion again, by improving
his fitness, or will he forever be a formidable opponent, that never
wins anything, aka Mr Runner Up? Will he take badminton seriously once
more, or will he continue playing, just because he enjoys the sport?

As always,

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