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Monday, October 8, 2007

Hot News/Open Challenge – China the ‘Cheater’?

notoriously known for their ‘win at all cost’ attitude, have the Chinese taken it one step too far?

Li Yongbo, China’s head coach, is a hated coach…Its true, at least if you’re not from China. Badminton fanatics around the world, particularly those focused around the Southeast Asian region, dislike him, not only because of his alleged arrogance, but also because of allegations that he orders walkovers by teammates to give an unfair advantage to his own players, and order his players to commit stunts that can be considered as cheating. In addition to that, he is widely accused of influencing the selection of umpires and linesmen in Chinese organized tournaments. China – misunderstood superpower or cheating scumbag?

During Taufik’s defeat by Chinese youngster Chen Jin yesterday, there were massive speculations concerning the alleged action of the youngster to neutralize Taufik’s legendary delicate netplay and lethal smashes by wiping his sweat on the shuttlecock, hence making the shuttlecock heavier. While I will not attempt to propose that either side is accurate in their accusations, this, nevertheless, continues on a long string of controversial actions taken by China.

German Open 2007: Chen Yu gives a walkover to Lin Dan, citing injury, but exactly a week later, appears to have recovered. Genuine injury or fear of tiring their golden boy, at the same time depriving the German crowd a chance to watch badminton of the highest level?

China Masters 2007: Several controversial decisions were taken by linesmen and umpires, exacerbated by the fact that during matches that had Chinese participants, linesmen and umpires from China were allowed to adjudicate. Shabby organization or a bigger ploy for Chinese dominance?

While I do recognize the fact that most badminton fanatics dislike China because of their dominance in many events, the constant repetition of such incidents does beg one to be suspicious. Hence, I call upon the International Badminton Federation (IBF) to investigate such claims of China’s alleged misconduct. Is the IBF willing to do so, or are they too embroiled in internal politics that they would allow such allegations to fly past? Or are they too afraid of China’s backlash? Can they act like a governing body, or is badminton destined to be plagued by calls of unfair advantages?

I believe this is the correct step to take. If China has not done anything wrong, they have nothing at all to fear. In fact, this inquiry will benefit them: if the IBF finds in favor of China, badminton fans around the world then would be aware that China, has not engaged in such activities, hence clearing their name and discouraging further rumors. If China does not allow the IBF to investigate such claims, they will be forever be tainted as cheaters and the legacy of China’s dominance will be forever stained with allegations of foul play.

Hence, in this post, I openly challenge the IBF and the Chinese badminton ruling body to investigate such claims of foul play and cheating. How else can these persistent rumors be quelled?

Let the truth prevail!


L2 said...

good post, but useless.
there is no such organization officially referred to as the International Badminton Federation anymore. it has since been officially known as the Badminton World Federation.

Anonymous said...

Taufik is a great player. I am a big fan of him. But do me a favour not to find excuses when he loses, no matter to whom. Please lose like a man, not to Taufik but to you.