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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Match Report Wong Choong Hann vs. Park Sung Hwan (Round 1 French Open)

Wong Choong Hann faced off with Park Sung Hwan, in a match that promised fireworks. Choong Hann injured his Achilles tendon during a match against Park in 2006, and would be out to prove and point and on the way, collect Olympic ranking points.

Park Sung Hwan started strongly; at one point taking a 6-1 lead against the veteran. After Wong had warmed up, he proceeded to play a cat and mouse game, managing to come close at 11-7 during the interval. After the interval, Wong took about 3 minutes to ward off his early match jitters and demolish whatever confident lead Park had from the early stages of the game by taking 4 straight points to level it at 11-11. However, Park soon took hold of the game by fending Wong’s charge and taking 4 straight points to lead 15-11. Wong tried to stop Park, but Park eventually took the first set at 21-12.

After a demoralizing defeat in the first set, Wong proceeded to play a cat and mouse game with Park, with no one player having more than a one point advantage until 5-5. Park then attempted to extend his lead to 7-5, but was shortly countered by Wong after a long rally to 7 all. Park then stood up again and took an 11-8 lead into the second game interval, which did not look good at all for the Malaysian fans. After the mid game interval, Park threatened to extend his lead again by taking a 16-9 lead. Wong then rekindled some hope in the hearts of his Malaysian fans, by taking 3 straight points to narrow the lead to 16-12. However, all seemed over when Park clawed closer and closer to the 21 point mark at 19-13. Wong attempted to stage a late comeback, but all was lost when he went down 21-16 to the Korean.

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Anonymous said...

did u watch the match? it has sthng to do with his injury, u reckon?