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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Match report – Yeoh Kay Bin vs. Wacha Przemyslaw

Hopes were on Yeoh to compensate for Wong’s shock exit in the hands of Park Sung Hwan.

After a confident start by Wacha, where he led 3-0, Yeoh fought back and took a temporary lead at 6-5. However, this is as far as he went, as Przemyslaw went on to take the match 21-11, conceding only 5 more points as he totally dominated Yeoh. He was superior in every aspect, smash winners, net winners, and less mistakes, and Yeoh looked to be swept away by this rising European star.

Yeoh unexpectedly started strongly, taking a 3-1 lead. However, he then proceeded to concede 5 straight points to trail 8-3 miserably. However, another unexpected twist of evens then occurred: when all seemed lost, Yeoh proceeded to level the game at 8-8. Yeoh and Wacha then played a close game, where no player went in front by more than a point. At this stage, Malaysians were praying for the best from this lanky Malaysian shuttler. And indeed, he responded by scoring 4 straight points to take a slim lead 16-13. Just when you thought the topsy-turvy game couldn’t get anymore exciting, Wacha rallied from behind to level the match 16-16. Another cat and mouse game proceeded, but Wacha eventually managed to hold match point at 20-18. Tense moments then ensued, with Yeoh saving both the match points to make it 21-20. Wacha then managed to save another match point to get one of his own, which was saved by Yeoh. Even tenser moments ensued when Wacha got a 5th match point, which was again saved. When Wacha got a seventh match point, everyone thought that Yeoh couldn’t respond, as Malaysian are known to be mentally weak, but indeed did he respond – by leveling it at a remarkable scoreline of 25 all. An eight match point was then held, which finally allowed Wacha to close out this incredible match 21-11 27-25.

Kudos for both players for playing a great game

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